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Balanced, Clean Books

No more worrying about inaccurate books. You can be confident in your business's finances.

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Reclaim your free time - We'll take care of the books.

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Never fall behind again. Our consistent bookkeeping keeps your finances organized and up-to-date.

The Process in 3 Simple Steps

1. Clean & Organize the Books

We understand catching up on neglected books can feel overwhelming. That’s why we take the first step for you. Our comprehensive catch-up process cleans and organizes your past month’s (or even years’) worth of transactions. We’ll categorize your income and expenses, reconcile your bank statements, and ensure everything is meticulously recorded. This creates a solid foundation for moving forward. With clean books, you’ll gain valuable insights into your financial health and empower you to make informed decisions for a thriving future.

2. Monthly Bookkeeping Services

After getting your books caught up and organized, our monthly bookkeeping services ensure they stay that way. We’ll handle all your ongoing transactions, categorize them meticulously, and reconcile your accounts regularly. This creates a consistent and accurate record of your finances, saving you time and ensuring peace of mind. Think of it as setting up a financial autopilot – you focus on running your business, while we handle the essential behind-the-scenes work of keeping your books clean and up-to-date.

3. Ongoing Financial Advisory

The final step in achieving financial clarity isn’t just about clean books – it’s about empowering you to use them to their full potential. Following the clean-up and ongoing bookkeeping, we’ll schedule regular consultations to delve into your financial statements. In these sessions, we’ll translate the numbers into actionable insights. We’ll discuss trends, identify areas for improvement, and collaborate on strategies to optimize your finances and fuel your business growth. This personalized financial advisory ensures you not only have clean books, but also a clear understanding of what they’re telling you about the health and future of your company.


Quickbooks ProAdvisor

Certified in Quickbooks Online as a ProAdvisor means I know the ins and outs of QBO and how to make your business run efficiently.

ADB Certified

The Associate Digital Bookkeeper Certificate signifies that the earner has learned and demonstrated in-depth understanding of the skills and resources necessary to excel as a 21st Century Bookkeeper.

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